March 7, 2017

Temperature mapping for Lyophilizers

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March 7, 2017


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Lyophilizers are a specially difficult piece of equipment for temperature mapping. Luckily, Lives International offers data loggers and equipment which can withstand and measure the cold temperatures.

The wireless data loggers can be offered with a copper pad specifically designed for lyophilizers.

The RTD sensor is placed against the cap, which is then laid flat on the shelf. This way, you can collect accurate data from the shelves themselves and ensure each shelf is at an equal temperature.

Wireless data loggers from Lives International can withstand temperatures to -200°C, ensuring that the extreme cold of a lyophilizer will not disrupt the data collection. Additionally, wireless data loggers are easy to set up and use, especially when compared to classic thermocouple temperature mapping.

Contact a sales representative today to learn more about temperature mapping for your lyophilizers.

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