Sterilization tunnels

Sterilization tunnels (depyrogenation tunnels) are important in ensuring pharmaceutical equipment is sterile by moving equipment through a high-heat tunnel at a predetermined rate.

These tunnels must be validated periodically to ensure the heat inside is at the rate it should be.

The thermal mapping of continuous processing sterilization tunnels can be best achieveed using real time data loggers. These can easily be positioned in the process flow to record temperature throughout the different process stages.

One of the challenges in validating the temperature inside deypyrogenation tunels -besides the high temperature inside – is the fact that the measuring equipment must be inserted at one end of the tunnel and gets retrieved at the other end. Very often this fact generates delays and often damages the equipment.

To address this issue we designed a high temperature data logger that wirelessly transmits real time data from inside of the sterilization tunnel. This high temperature data logger can withstand up to +350°C and can be easily used by introducing it at one end of the tunnel and retrieve it at the other end.

How do you prefer to validate sterilization tunnels (depyrogenation tunnels)?

Check out this short video to see what are the options to validate a sterylization tunnel / depyrogenation tunnel.

Products suitable for Autoclaves validation:

High temperature real time wireless data logger with 5 flexible sensors

wireless data logger gmp rf 5f ht