Rubber stopper washing machine

Rubber stoppers washing machines are widely used in pharma industry and they require validation of the washing/sterylization cycle. Most of the stopper washers available today compine multiple features, like washing, sterilizing, hot steam drying and siliconizing rubber stoppers, aluminium caps, plungers, all kinds of disk seals and closures.

The GMP SW temperature data loggers are specially designed to be used in rubber stopper washing machine. GMP SW records a temperature range between -40°C to +140°C and can also be used in autoclaves or other types of equipment that require high temperature and humidity resistant data loggers. The temperature sensor is incorporated in the data logger body, allowing temperature values to be recorded with high accuracy (±0.1°C) while resisting shock and friction inside the rubber stopper washing machines.

Products suitable for Rubber stopper washing machine validation:

Stopper washer temperature data logger with rigid sensor

standard data logger gmp sw

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