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Thermocouple Systems


Introducing XpertVal64, the pinnacle of Thermal Validation & Temperature Mapping. With 64 channels and a 1-second sampling rate, it delivers unmatched precision and real-time insights. Enjoy hassle-free operation with no annual calibration needed and the convenience of Wi-Fi compatibility for remote control. Benefit from simultaneous measurements across all channels using 64 Smart Connectors, with data accessible via cloud or local storage. XpertVal64 is not just advanced; it’s a future-ready solution, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring with an integrated rechargeable battery. Elevate your standards with XpertVal64— 64 Channel Data Acqustion System

64 channels

1 sec sampling rate

NO Annual Calibration

XSens Connects

Tc, PT100, Pressure, 0-10V, 4-20mA, etc


USB, Wi-Fi, LAN, Power over Ethernet

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