January 19, 2017

GMP RF Series – Real time wireless data loggers

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January 19, 2017


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This is the next step in the thermal validations evolution: wireless thermal mapping with XpertLog® GMP RF. By utilizing radio frequency to communicate and transmit data, wireless loggers have significantly improved capabilities. Because of their higher reliability, accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness, the pharmaceutical industry is moving away from thermocouple based systems and towards wireless data loggers.

Our GMP RF real time wireless data loggers are designed to satisfy the validation requirements even in the most demanding envinronments, such as:

  • autoclaves
  • ovens
  • refrigerators
  • lyophilizers
  • stability chambers
  • incubators
  • freezers
  • cold rooms
  • sterilization tunnels
  • warehouses
  • during steam in place sterilization

To learn more about XpertLog® GMP RF systems call now +1 317 625 0841 for US and +33 603 488 938 for EU, or just click the button below.

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