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Connect all your equipment to one Software

XpertLog® Software

XpertLog® Software controlls all systems manufactured by Lives International: real time wireless data loggers, standard wireless data loggers, standard data loggers, continuous monitoring data loggers, mapping wireless data loggers, local monitoring data loggers, thermocouple based systems.

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- create reliable reports

- all calculations are performed after the data is downloaded from the loggers

- split the raw data stored inside loggers during several tests in as many tests as performed

- create:

- raw data reports and F value reports

- trend reports

- statistic reports

- image reports

- steam saturation reports

- calibration certificate report

- 3D reports

- assign verifications at the performed tests

- create custom calculations using the "Virtual Channels"

- add comments in the header of the reports

- centralized database, active directory authentification

USB communication with:

- data loggers

- temperature blocks

- reference probes

4 access levels:

- administrator

- user

- reporter

- reviewer

Closed loop calibration:

- calibration or verification of the sensors before running a test

- verification of the loggers after running a test

- fully auomated calibration - the calibration equipment controlled by the software

Use of templates to create final reports:

- use of templates to create final reports

- create a library of users / oganizations

- create acceptance criteria templates

- create a library of equipments

- generate final reports

- all the reports generated by the software merged in one single report

- table of contents

- conclusion of the report in the first page

- acceptance criteria

- summary of the results

- 3D view

- trends

- steam saturation

- images

- raw data

- calibration or verification report

- calibration certificates

- advanced acceptance criteria module