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Temperature Data Logger with Flexible Sensor

Standard Data Logger GMP F LP

-90°C to +140°C

Low profile (35 mm height) standard data logger with long flexible sensor for recording temperature values. Easy to program and install, no data loss during validation process, multiple users can share the same database simultaneously. Remote factory calibration on users site.

+ Collects and stores temperature information in the internal memory
+ Recover the data through the docking station using XpertLog® Software
+ ITS-90 calibration coefficients are stored in the internal memory
+ Complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
+ Network ready: multiple users, centralized, server database, active directory authentification
+ Calibration can be performed on site

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LVSC.3.2.0 - January 2022

Sensor Type

4 wires PT-100

- flexible

430 mm (17") PTFE/SS

- customized

up to 5000 mm (195")

- sensor size

1.5 x 8 mm (0.06 x 0.315")

- cross section

1.77 mm2 (0.0027 inch2)

- body

-90° to +140°C

- sensor

-200° to +200°C


±0.1°C from -90°C to +140°C



Memory capacity

32,000 data points

Memory type

non volatile

Sampling rate

1 sec to 24 hours

Internal clock drift

4 sec / 24 h @ 23°C


- material

Peek 1000 - FDA Compliant

- enclosure


- weight

44 g (1.55 oz)

- diameter

40 mm (1.57")

- height

35 mm (1.38")


1 x Lithium batteries, 0.35 g/each Lithium content
classified UN3091 under IATA DGR section
compliant with ICAO/IATA packing instructions 970,
user replaceable

Battery lifetime

Up to 12 months, based on usage

Docking Station

USB to computer
4, 8, 12 and 20 ports available
Programs and reads unlimited number of loggers


Factory Calibrations:
User Calibrations:

traceable NIST/COFRAC - ITS-90 coefficients stored in the internal memory
closed loop calibration using XpertLog® Software

Standard Calibration Points



Health Safety:

EN 60601-1-2 / 2007
EN 60950-1 / 2006
EN 300440-2 v.1.3.1 (2009-03)

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