September 6, 2018

Lives International Events in september 2017

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September 6, 2018


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11-13 September

PDA-FDA Join Regulatory Conference 2017

Table #4 Renaissance Washington DC Downtown Hotel Washington, DC, USA


19-20 September

11th PDA Europe Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology Conference

Lindner Hotel City Plaza Cologne (Köln), Germany


25-27 September

Healthcare Packaging EXPO

Booth 515 (N-515) Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, NV, USA

1. PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference 2017

11-13 September, 2017

PDA/FDA Join Regulatory Conference is the premiere event where you can interact with FDA representatives and learn the latest updates on the development of global regulatory strategies. You can also engage with industry experts that will present case studies illustrating how they use global strategies to improve the quality of medical products.

This year’s event is built around the theme “Ensuring Product Quality in an Era Of Innovative Therapies” and will highlight the advanced biomedical innovations leading to safer and more effective therapies for patients.

We will be present at this event at Table #4 where you can test our Real Time Data Loggers, get technical informations, provide us with feedback and learn about the products we will develop in the future.

PDA/FDA Join Regulatory Conference 2017

Lives International @ Table #4

Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel

999 9th Street NW

Washington, DC 20001, USA

Phone: +1 (202) 898-9000

2. 11th PDA Europe Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology Conference

19-20 September, 2017

PDA’s Europe Freeze-Drying Conference is the right place to get in touch with experts from all areas of lyophilization: development, production, regulatory affairs and health authorities.

Freeze-drying of biopharmaceuticals has become a routine procedure, yet the freeze-drying process remains complex.  This meeting provides updates of various technical and regulatory aspects regarding lyophilization. Speakers from pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers and regulatory agencies share their knowledge and give insights into this process, deepening the understanding of its underlying physicochemical principles as well as explaining freeze-drying techniques and the efforts to implement them on a big scale.

Freeze-drying is also one of Lives International main focuses and we develop a lot of products for freeze-drying mapping and thermal validation.

You can get in touch with us at this event and test the data loggers we had made for freeze-drying technology and ALUS Systems.

11th PDA Europe Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology Conference

Lindner Hotel City Plaza

Magnusstrasse 20

50672 Cologne (Köln), Germany

Phone: +49 221 2034-700

2. Healthcare Packaging EXPO

25-27 September, 2017

Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2017 puts together more than 2,000 top-tier suppliers of advanced packaging equipment, automation technologies, containers, materials, and other supply chain innovators.

Attendees include corporate, general, plant and projeect managers; engineers; production supervisors; those involved in operations and quality control; purchasers; package designers, brand managers and marketers; and logistics and supply chain management professionals from all vertical industries.

Lives International takes a special interest in this show as we are developing GPS Tracking Devices and also packaging solutions that offer GPS Track and trace services for the cold chain.

We will be present at this event at Booth N-515.

Check out the floor plan at the link below:

Healthcare Packaging EXPO

Lives International @ Booth N-515

Las Vegas Convention Center

3150 Paradise Rd.

Las Vegas, Nevada 89109, USA

Phone: +1 (202) 898-9000

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