April 2, 2020

Join me in giving a round of virtual applause

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April 2, 2020


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During these times when most of us work from home we should be grateful and honor those who defy the panic and continue to work every day on the premises … medical personnel in the first place but also the people in Pharma & Biotech Industry … for them it’s business as usual as they have to support hospitals with products, to find new treatments, to test and put them on the market … these products must find their way to hospitals every day, 24/7, regardless of natural disasters, pandemic or any other challenges mother nature might throw our way … without them the hospitals could not function, medical personnel wouldn’t be able to do their wonderful work and there would be less of us to read this message!

So join me in giving a round of virtual applause to all The People working around the clock to make this happen inside the Pharmaceutical and biotech companies and their suppliers!

Thank you People for not giving up on us !

Sorin Haias

Lives International – Thermal Validation Systems TEAM

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