October 29, 2018

Data loggers vs. Thermocouples in Freeze-Dryer shelves Mapping

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October 29, 2018


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Thermocouples have been extensively used for thermal validations and mappings, including freeze-dryer shelves mappings. However, due to high number of measurement points, mapping a freeze-dryer with thermocouples may prove sometimes very tricky and may require a lot of time and effort, which increases the downtime of production equipment.

Lives International supplies both thermocouple based systems and wireless data loggers… nevertheless, there are more competitive advantages attached to Data Loggers that makes them more attractive in terms of time savings and decreased downtime of production equipment.

We tested both data loggers and thermocouple systems to see what are the differences in total work of time, manpower and equipment and we put together the results in this short video.

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