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With 64 channels and a 1-second sampling rate, it delivers unmatched precision and real-time insights. Enjoy hassle-free operation with no annual calibration needed and the convenience of Wi-Fi compatibility for remote control. Benefit from simultaneous measurements across all channels using 64 Smart Connectors, with data accessible via cloud or local storage. XpertVal64 is not just advanced; it’s a future-ready solution, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring with an integrated rechargeable battery. Elevate your standards with XpertVal64— 64 Channel Data Acqustion System

Real Time Wireless Data Loggers

XpertLog® RF

Real Time Wireless Data Loggers by Lives International and by far the most accurate, stable and functional real time logger in harshest environments as autoclaves or freeze dryers – the only logger to get the signal out to your computer without using a feedthrough antenna – place the loggers in your autoclaves and read the data on your computer

Standard Data Loggers


Standard data loggers, covering all -90 to 140°C applications, including autoclaves, freeze-dryers, ultralow freezers. Best accuracy in its class on the entire temperature range: ± 0.1°C, memory: 32000 data points, battery life 12 month – our number one standard logger, your first choice in therms of price/performance ratio.

GPS Tracking Device


XperTrack, your comprehensive solution for cold chain shipments. Remotely control and safeguard your products to prevent shortages, ensuring shipment integrity. Collect and store crucial data on temperature, position, light exposure, and shocks in the internal memory. Instant alarms alert you to exceedances in temperature, light exposure, and shocks during shipments. Benefit from user-defined geo-fencing for enhanced security and detect tampering while tracking container details in real-time. XperTrack ensures compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, providing peace of mind for every shipment.
Continuous Monitoring System


XpertMon, the ultimate Continuous Monitoring System. With wireless data transmission, secure authentication, and alarms sent to dedicated users, it ensures unparalleled security. Accommodate an unlimited number of loggers with multiple access levels. Benefit from long battery life and cloud/local storage for historical data. Enjoy automatic report generation at user-defined intervals, and access data remotely from any device. XpertMon: Your robust solution for seamless and secure monitoring.

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Lives International?

Lives International is providing thermal validation and mapping solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Lives International offers 20 years experience in the state of the art temperature measuring equipment and Data Integrity FDA compliant software, focused on the higly regulated industry of pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

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