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Lives International is dedicated to meeting the globally thermal validation needs of pharmaceutical and biotech industry, using innovation and creativity in developing new equipments and technology and improving the existing to fulfill our customers' expectations of reliability, efficiency and accuracy. We supply the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry with the most advanced technology for thermal validation and thermal mapping. We offer both thermocouple based systems and wireless dataloggers.
Lives validation systems incorporate the most advanced software developments for automated calibrations, reports and calculations.
All Lives validation systems are FDA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.
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Steam in Place

Sterilization in place or Steam in place (SIP) is a method used to clean or disinfect process equipment and piping without disassembly. The SIP process can be done manually or automated through the control system. The thermal validation of this process is accomplished by using thermocouples or wireless dataloggers. Typically, the  temperature sensors are inserted into the process piping through flanges using Smart gaskets.

During the initial qualification of the SIP process, thermocouple based systems can be advantageous. The ability to  “see live data” allows for optimum adjustments and to establish control parameters of sterilization time and exposure. Multiple datalogger systems and very long thermocouples (50-75 ft) are usually required. Setup and installation is quite time intensive using the thermocouple approach. Thermocouples can get entangled or damaged if not carefully secured around traffic areas.

Lives XpertLog wireless dataloggers are the best solution for SIP re-qualifications or periodic verifications.  The dataloggers can be installed in a small fraction of the time compared to thermocouple based systems (see chart). Also, disruption to normal operations is minimal.

Steam Sterilizers

Sterilization in Place


Steam Sterilizers

Average Time Saved using Wireless  Dataloggers =
7 Hours

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